The Day Before I Died


Life became small, very small
Shrinking slowly from forever to this day, this moment, this second
Defined by the moments and seconds of life
We are lost and found in those moments
Defined by the worse that’s ever happened
Shrinking from bright and shiny to dim and dark
Living in fear and sleeping with death
Not much to lose
The quiet solution arrives
Unbidden on translucent wings
Not a cry for help or a threat
A simple step to brightness and forever

The Day
Before I Died

A memoir of an innocent Irish Catholic boy on his journey from the quiet New England coast and the apple orchards of Pennsylvania to Vietnam and ultimately to the brink of suicide. Traversing minefields both at home and abroad, the author shares these intensely personal stories of overcoming the scars of war, disfigurement, emotional abuse, sexual orientation, and bullying. It is an intimate look at the many triggers that led him to consider suicide and the path of resilience and strength that kept him alive.

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